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Fanfic [09 Jun 2016|07:56am]

Title: our own happily ever after
Fandom: Fables
Pairing/Characters: Lumi, the Snow Queen/Winter Wolf
Summary: She's the North Wind. She's the daughter of the Big Bad Wolf and Snow White. She has the knowledge of a godlike entity and millennia beyond her age, but part of her will always be her parent's daughter and another part of her is not good at relationships. As a wind it's hard for her to follow anything but her own ever changing ways. But ice and winter have a way of belonging together.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~ 2000

our own happily ever after
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fanfic [01 Mar 2015|09:59pm]

Title: Out of the Woods
Fandom: Fables
Pairing/Characters: Bigby Wolf, slight Bigby/Snow
Summary: Bigby had his reasons to never want to be anything but the Big Bad Wolf. But then things changed and he learned that maybe he can embrace another side of himself – the human one.
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~1600

Out of the Woods
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[08 Jul 2011|10:22pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

Hello! Here's another post that's a few months in the making- just a short and sweet fanart post. The artist gave me permission to share this piece here, so I thought I would, since I thought others of you might enjoy it.

This is the result of my winning bid from the help_japan auction on LJ earlier this year.Collapse )

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By popular demand... [27 Mar 2011|02:47am]

[ mood | What the... snow??? ]

Red Riding Hood and Fly share a little something special...Collapse )

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Another fanarts. XD [23 Mar 2011|01:10am]

[ mood | I like colors ]

I went for something a little larger this time. I'm still trying to learn how to ink and color with markers in something like a half decent fashion. I can think of worse ways to practice than drawing Fables pics. ^_^

Have I mentioned how much I love drawing that hat?Collapse )

Oh yeah, btw- I'm Cat, and I'm new to the fandom, which is why I've chosen now to spam this community with my pics etc. I bet you can't guess who my favorite character is. :) (NOTICE: NO PRIZES GIVEN FOR GUESSING CORRECTLY.)

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Just some silly fanart [22 Mar 2011|03:21am]

I realize it's been a whole lot of hours and a whole lot of half hours since anyone has posted in this community but... well... too bad. I'm posting now!

With fanart!Collapse )
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[14 Dec 2009|11:39pm]

[13] Fables icons

HERE at greenonionicons
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24 Fables icons [27 Nov 2009|12:25am]

57 icons
- 24 Fables

- 21 Generation Kill
- 8 Eureka Seven
- 4 Miscellaneous

( M O R E )
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The Fables Het/Gen/Slash/Femmeslash Ficmeme [17 Sep 2009|02:10pm]

Hi everyone!  First time posting here, and really I just wanted to let you guys know that this exists.


I'm nothing if not driven to see more fic with these great characters :)
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Briar Rose [20 Aug 2009|02:58pm]

So Briar Rose got a lot of attention in the 11th trade, and I was really disappointed to not know what happened to her in the end. Then in 12 she's mentioned very briefly, and I was very disappointed by what they said (I don't want to spoil anything). Also, Cinderella had a pretty big role in the takeover of the Empire and now where is she? I feel like she was forgotten. Anyway, as we all know, Flycatcher woke up Briar Rose the first time we see her fall asleep, and now the question is, who will wake her up this time since Flycatcher now loves Red Riding Hood. My hopes are that Cindy shows up, kisses Briar Rose, and wakes her up to break the spell!! However, the odds of this happening.... very slim!
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Fables Tattoos [20 Aug 2009|02:42pm]

Hey guys! So I lovelovelove James Jean's Fables covers, and after I got the War and Pieces trade I got these birds on my shoulder. I'm planning on getting the crown from #69 very soon as well. I was wondering who has Fables tattoos, or any good ideas for one?

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[29 Jul 2009|10:32pm]

Hi everyone, newbie here! I read the first issues a year ago, but lately been picking up more and now I'm completely obsessed! I decided to make some icons, and doodle some fanart.

Photobucket Photobucket

Read more...Collapse )
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Tattoos [14 Jan 2009|10:39pm]

Hi everyone,

Lately I've been thinking of getting a tattoo based on James Jean's Fable artwork, so my question to y'all is:

Does anyone have a James Jean/Fable tattoo? What did you get and do you have any pictures? Or any pictures of people with James Jean/Fable tattoos?

I've already seen the tattoos from James Jean's facebook album and this is seriously gorgeous work:

cut for pictureCollapse )
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[20 Dec 2008|11:54pm]


[001::020] Bones [season 2]
[021::030] Eva Green
[031::042] Fables

[043::064] House [Chase]
[065::074] Hellboy II
[075::090] Lost [Sawyer & Kate, Eggtown]
[091::107] Merlin [Arthur & Morgana]

here @ vega_iconic.
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ABC to bring DC Comics' "Fables" alive [08 Dec 2008|12:38pm]

By Nellie Andreeva and Borys Kit

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - DC Comics' "Fables" is heading to ABC.

The network has handed out a pilot commitment to the fantasy project, based on the comic book created by Bill Willingham and published by DC's Vertigo imprint.

"Fables" revolves around characters from fairy tales and folklore living in exile in modern-day New York.

"Their lives become interconnected in a very big way," said Stu Zicherman, who will write the script for the hour-long drama with Raven Metzner. "They share a secret and a bond."

Zicherman and Metzner wouldn't elaborate which fairy tale characters will be featured in the TV series, but noted that Big Bad Wolf and Snow White, who are central to the comics, will have a similar role on the show.

The comic book series' first storyline followed Fabletown's sheriff, a reformed and pardoned Big Bad Wolf, who investigates the murder of Snow White's party-girl sister, Rose Red.

"We set up a structure to allow any fairy tale character to show up in any one episode," Metzner said.

The fairy tale characters will keep some of their trademark characteristics. For instance, Prince Charming will be handsome, while Big Bad Wolf will have to shave a four-day shadow from growing back every day.

But overall, "they are just like real people in the real world who live and breathe and look just like you and me," Metzner said.

Describing themselves as "lifetime comic book fans," Zicherman and Metzner fell in love with "Fables" when they read the series' first issue in 2002.

NBC took a stab at developing a TV series based on the comics during the 2006-07 development season.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

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Fables Covers [19 Oct 2008|01:37pm]

Does anyone plan to buy Fables Covers: The Art of James Jean Vol. 1? According to Amazon, it's going to be released on November 18th. I can't wait for it :)


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The once and future king [12 Jun 2008|04:08am]

[ mood | melancholy ]

Fables #62 is sweeeeeet, I was waiting for this since 1001Nights... sniff-sniff

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Which Fable are you most like? [21 Mar 2008|09:07am]

This kinda sorta came up and I thought it may be a just the question to get our little comminity going.

What Fable from "Fables " the comic are you most like? And why?

My Answer: Boy Blue
I'm a quiet guy but when the need arrives I can kick ass.
And I have zero tolerance for people who manipulate and use.
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quiz or stamp? [20 Mar 2008|03:01pm]

Hullo! I'm new to the community---and rather new to the Fables fandom. Recently, I stumbled on some discussion of which Fables character fans think they're most like, and while I have a few guesses about myself, I was wondering if anyone had encountered a quiz or stamping community or some such designed to tell you which Fables character you'd be. And if there's not, has anyone thought of starting/creating one? My knowledge and understanding of the characters and universe is fairly shallow, otherwise I'd definitely do the starting/creating myself. Any help would be greatly appreciated---quiz/stamp addict that I am! :)
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fables, twilight manips, gossip girl cast. [13 Mar 2008|06:47pm]


I've been sitting on some of these icons for ages and lately I've gotten inspired to make more and instead of waiting to finish a full batch, I thought I'd post these since it's been ages since my last post. Unfortunately, I can't promise more frequest posts, but watch this space. ;)

[5]Gossip Girl cast.
[16]Twilight manips.



Cold desire makes a moon without a tide.
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