Meg (megpaq) wrote in fables_comic,

Briar Rose

So Briar Rose got a lot of attention in the 11th trade, and I was really disappointed to not know what happened to her in the end. Then in 12 she's mentioned very briefly, and I was very disappointed by what they said (I don't want to spoil anything). Also, Cinderella had a pretty big role in the takeover of the Empire and now where is she? I feel like she was forgotten. Anyway, as we all know, Flycatcher woke up Briar Rose the first time we see her fall asleep, and now the question is, who will wake her up this time since Flycatcher now loves Red Riding Hood. My hopes are that Cindy shows up, kisses Briar Rose, and wakes her up to break the spell!! However, the odds of this happening.... very slim!

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