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Another fanarts. XD

I went for something a little larger this time. I'm still trying to learn how to ink and color with markers in something like a half decent fashion. I can think of worse ways to practice than drawing Fables pics. ^_^

I guess if I gave this a name it'd be something like "I thought I saw something" or another equally depressing title. ^_^;;;

I scanned this in as I was inking etc, so maybe I'll color it on the computer some time. But probably not. I think it was just my insurance policy in case I did something TERRIBLE during coloring. ^_^

Oh yeah, btw- I'm Cat, and I'm new to the fandom, which is why I've chosen now to spam this community with my pics etc. I bet you can't guess who my favorite character is. :) (NOTICE: NO PRIZES GIVEN FOR GUESSING CORRECTLY.)
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