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By popular demand...


No, seriously, I just found the scene where Fly takes Riding Hood out for sweets to be adorable. I know it got interrupted by those "shameless hussies" XD but well, I like the idea of them sitting in the park and eating donuts.

So, now that you're all already here- I guess I'll use this opportunity to do a little character speculation. (This also prevents me from making a whole other post, putting me in serious danger of overtaking the page of most recent posts XD)

So, I got some of my buddies to read Fables (yay) but they're dudes and sometimes talking character development (especially when it revolves around relationship things) put them out of their element, so here goes.

This train of thought was probably started after I saw some random comment on deviantart about a fan not liking Riding Hood because she "Just went after the closest guy after Blue was gone" which... I thought was pretty much dead wrong. Riding Hood shows no interest in Blue whatsoever (she takes him some meals, but that's just the decent thing to do after his incarceration, and hey, that's pretty much what Red Riding Hood *does*- so I don't read any romantic inclinations into it at all). After all, it's made very clear that the girl Blue knew a long time ago wasn't the real Riding Hood, and pretty much any expectations he might have had of kindling a romance with her are squashed right out. Just as quickly, Riding Hood seems to develop a crush on Fly.

So I started thinking, why *not* Blue? And why Fly at all? Blue rescued her from being a prisoner of the Empire, and Fly... bought her candy. Seems a little unbalanced. But then I started thinking about the "real" meaning of the story of Red Riding Hood- the one about it really being a story of "growing up" (to put it mildly) and a young woman reaching maturity, as it were.

So, Blue is a no go from the moment they meet, but even after he (without much choice) whisks her to Fabletown there is sort of that "idea" of a romantic expectation hanging in the air. Riding Hood wants no part of it. Not in a mean way, she's just not interested. But who does she immediately like? Fly- the well... and I mean this in the best possible way- innocent man child. He is oblivious to any innuendo, kind, cheerful, and for a multitude of reasons (including the fact that he still is searching for his wife and children) is not about to pursue her romantically. (Heck, HOW many issues did we wait for that first smooch?) He's non-threatening. He's safe. The perfect target for a young girl's affection. And yeah, I know that Riding Hood isn't *technically* a young girl, but the candy-Arabian-Fables-ruin-everything scene definitely shows that she has a young girl's feelings. ("If you don't know what's wrong, I'm not going to tell you! HMPH!")

Anyways, I don't know if I'm making this us, or if Bill Willingham was consciously thinking about this when he lined the two to end up together. Regardless, I love the pairing, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of it in the comics.

/random fan chatter ^_^

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