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[02 Mar 2008|04:39pm]

Hi everyone.
Fables doesn't come out often enough to sate my hunger for it. So, I'm looking for books to read up on the rich mythology behind the comic. Please let me know if you've got any other good reads, on the side characters and villains like Baba Yaga (who I really only know from Fables, Hellboy, and Ivan Bilibin's paintings), and Weyland Smith.

Quick preliminary list:
  • anything from The Brother's Grimm's collection of German fairy tales
  • Hans Christian Anderson - "the Snow Queen", "Thumbelina", etc
  • Rudyard Kipling - "Just So Tales", "the Jungle Book"
  • CS Lewis - "The Chronicles of Narnia"
  • James Finimore Cooper - "The Leatherstocking Tales"
  • Aesop's Fables
  • Jonathan Swift - "Gulliver's Travels"
  • 1001 Arabian Nights
  • Frank Baum - the Oz series
  • Lewis Carrol - Alice In Wonderland
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Hello [28 Feb 2008|01:34pm]

I'm new. I've read Fables up through Trade 4
Loving it.

Although I'm wonder what happen to The African and Native american Fables.
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Wondercon 2008 [24 Feb 2008|09:22pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Just thought I'd mention that I met Bill Willingham yesterday. He was a very nice and down to earth fellow who I chatted with while he signed some books. He gave me some great advice on looking for a graphic artist, and promised more stand alone stuff like Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall. He just a really nice guy.

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A little question :) [13 Feb 2008|03:05pm]

Hello all. I was just wondering if anyone knew a decent site that sold Fables Memorabilia. It's almost impossible for me to find anything good out there! :(
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Fables Survey [06 Oct 2007|10:22pm]


I’m a newbie here… and already posting a request. I’m doing a school assignment to “tabulate and interpret” the results of a survey of 15 questions.
So I’ve built one to see what a Fables fan might want from an interactive Fables fansite.
I’d be very grateful if you would please take five minutes or so to answer the survey. (I apologize about the length.)


I’d be happy to share the survey results, if you’re interested. Thank you in advance for your input!
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Fables this month [24 Sep 2007|11:22pm]

Anyone else surprised by the revelations in the recent Fables and wonder where they're going to from here?

Because that could turn out to be a big revelation!
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Issue Question - When Did That Happen? [24 Sep 2007|06:13pm]

[ mood | confused ]

For amusement's sake I was on the Wikipedia sites for Fables recently; while scrolling through I found information on Snow and Bigby that I very much can't remember from being in the comics. I'm up to date on all the issues (as far as I know... maybe I somehow missed one?) but I can't recall ever coming across this issue, or even somewhere where this information was given in such detail. While some of these events are alluded to, there are details that seem taken from more specific sources.

Just in case there are folks who haven't gotten to, erm, wherever this may have happened, I'm sticking the passage in question under a cut. Emphasis on specific details mine, to clarify my confusion.

How Could I Miss This?Collapse )

Any help would be very much appreciated! I am a bit unsettled thinking there might be storylines I'm missing out on!

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eBay Comics Auction [10 Sep 2007|09:33am]

[ mood | content ]

For those interested, I've listed a bunch of comics for auction on eBay, including a bunch of Fables; here's the link:


If you have any questions, let me know.

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Bill Willingham interview [07 Aug 2007|02:00pm]

The Onion AV club has a nice interview of Bill that appeared yesterday:

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Dude [11 May 2007|04:15pm]

[ mood | pleased ]

Have you guys seen how many Eisner Awards we're up for this year? And not just for the ongoing Fables book, but for 1001 Nights of Snowfall and Jack of Fables, too- Best Writer, Best Artist for Mark Buckingham...

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icons [04 May 2007|10:01pm]

Hello there! first time post,and I come bearing icons. Well,they're mainly bases,actually.

[9] D.Gray-man
[16]Fables bases

we will always be the light.
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lose yourself in metatext [30 Apr 2007|11:39am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Fellow Fable fans! I wrote this the other day. I'm hoping it's relavant to the community - it is Proppian analysis, afterall.


  In the wake of the breadcrumbs (filched when the evil stepmother wasn't looking) and talking animals (the best, naturally, was in boots) left in the wake of Vladimir Propp's formalist functional classification of folk-tales, I'm wondering if his methodology can be harnessed to classify popular genre fiction. More specifically, to 1) civilly register the ironically All-American dream of the ubermensch and 2) the current (mainly) neo-Norse selection of fantasy fiction.
  Briefly, Propp's function-based methodology was a break from the motif-based scholarship of Veselovskij and the classification-by-narrative-weight of Aarne. He saw characters and incidences as simply fulfilling plot functions in folk-tales. Further, he noted that the number of functions in folk-tales in limited, and that the sequence of functions is always identical - he concluded then that all folk-tales are of one type with regard to their structure.
  Now, the case against (because it's easier to be cynical):
  The most striking problem is that popular fiction is a chaotically polytheistic pantheon. By contrast, no new folk-tales are being added to the canon. This means that for popular genre fiction, the markers of genre are shifting with every new release of key texts. It'll be like propping up boundaries in quicksand. (Yeah, that's the old anti-genre-classification argument.)
  Second, the superhero comics industry is so much more postmodernist than Propp's milieu. Narration is not necessarily in a traditionally chronological once-upon-a-time-then-happily-ever-after style. There's in media res, flashbacks and a tight extra-diegetic universe. Worse, universes - where different agents rework different functions. The 'What If...' universes were the first I thought of...then i realize there's also Earth-2Ultimate, Astro City and definitely others. And the movie universes, which are in prime position to accumulate enough cultural capital such that they can inflect their meaning upon the core universes, such that what previously came to pass is now never was.
  The proposition then
  says that stories change anyway. They first need to be born - someone has to think them up. Later on, stories decay (cf. various passages in Genesis and Kings). Closer to Propp, the Grimm tales were Chinese-whispered throughout Europe by generation after generation of nursemaids and godknowshowmany regional dialects - things like little red-caps were lost in translation, and steps were added to mothers...so increased mutability should not stop a formalist classification. Superhero stories are similarly chimerical mutants.
  As for key texts - the oneiric climate of the superhero universe has seen/ will see the ages of an apocalyptic future past, the shadows of an immortal bird and a dark knight, watched the fearful symmetry of the nuclear clock, had spiders spawn tangled webs of venom, registered for civil war, had friends form a super league of justice fighters, seen a punishingly wild and unfathomably violent storm, withstood fantastic battles against the devouring doom of worlds, reveals a wondrous lady seeing kingdom come...I could go on. Suffice to say that their fractured worlds all dream through the sand and stardust of stories. Key texts aplenty, and future key texts'll be written in the wake of what has gone before.
  And the non-key texts, they prop up genre conventions and narrative structural functions through their sheer volume and force or repetition (this force, tail-bitingly, from existing genre dictates and expectations)
  *chews on sardine puff, thinking some more*  
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fables icons [08 Apr 2007|12:21am]

[ mood | tired ]

this is my first post here, and I've been reading the comic for a while.  I've always been amazed by the cover art, so I'd I thought Id share a couple icons I made from various covers:

please tell me if these need to be under a cut :[
you don't have to credit me, but I'd perfer it. it just didnt take that much artistic talent since I was just messing around with photoshop. also, the icons might try to link you somewhere, ignore it.
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hello! [01 Apr 2007|01:21am]

hi all, i'm new to the community -- i just discovered Fables about erm, 2-3 months ago, and have bought almost all of them in trade -- just starting to read "The Mean Seasons". Haven't yet added 1001 Nights of Snowfall, or the Jack trade (yet!)

I don't read many graphic novels, I'm a fan of 30 Days of Night (trying to add more to my collection, but my comic store thwarts), Fallen Angel and just bought the first Y The Last Man.

Oddly enough, given the amount of panel-time they've had, my favourites are the Mouse Police!! I have a love of baba yaga too, but I'm more of a traditionalist with her, but it's awesome to see her make an appearance either way!
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[31 Mar 2007|11:35pm]
I just got back into Fables after departing from reading comic books for a couple years and man, did I miss it. Fables and Ultimate Spider-Man are the only things I read with regularity, but I'm also a hugehuge fan of Sandman - but then, who's not?

ANyway, I finished catching up on all the Fables trades, but the only issues I was able to pick up at my local comics shop were 57, 58, and 59, so I'm wondering if people could help me out with a couple questions I have.

I'll cut them just in case people consider this stuff spoilery.Collapse )
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A Few Frog Prince Icons [30 Mar 2007|09:56am]

I'm no particular whiz with icon making, but I really loved that panel from "1001 Nights of Snowfall" and got inspired to muck about a bit.

1 2 3
4 5 6

Credit appreciated, feedback treasured.
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2 in 1 Showcase Episode 8: Vertigo [04 Mar 2007|11:11am]


Episode Eight: Vertigo
by Blake Petit and Chase Bouzigard

Is it the HBO of comics? The place where creators can tell tales ranging from the truly literary to the truly edgy and out-of-the-box? Or is it just the imprint that got Chase lumped in with the Goths in high school? This week the guys talk about DC Comics' Vertigo imprint (plenty of Fables love in here) -- plus a few other picks for books that should be on your pull list.

Episode Eight: Vertigo

(left-click to listen, right-click to download)

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Something I've been wondering... [26 Feb 2007|12:59am]

[ mood | awake ]

Has it ever been stated what the relationship between the Homelands and the Mundy World is? Obviously, separate realms and all that. But what I mean is- how did the mundies comes to know the Fable stories? Did mundies pass into the Homelands accidentally? Were the Fables created by the mundies' belief? Snow White, Bigby, and Goldilocks' resilience certainly suggests that, but then Frau Totenkinder is also a glaring exception, drawing power from her anonymity.

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help please [25 Jan 2007|10:19am]

i was just reading "1001 Nights of Snowfall" and i love it! (alittle sad at times but i love it) anywho i'm kind of a newbie when it comes to graphic novels & the man in the store told me the best way to start buying a series is through trades.

i'm going to sound like a complete idiot. but what are trades?
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[20 Jan 2007|09:34am]
Ok here is a question are Jack Horner and Jack of Fables the same person? Cause they look nothing alike
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